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A question re: SUV


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Hi everyone: I'm reading and re-reading my husband's report of his last pet/ct scan and don;t understand suv. They are reporting right paratracheal suv 3.3, right upper lung suv 4.0, right mid lung posteriorly suv 7.1, right mid lung laterally suv 3.1 The scan was done at MD Anderson in Orlando and the previous scan done locally in May, 2006, did not report suv, so there is no basis for comparison. Can anyone tell me what suv is and what this all means. Thanks.......Wendy

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Hi Wendy, I recently researched the same question myself, so I'll share a crude layman's version of what I learned (if later someone with better knowledge comes along, and I'm sure that they will, chime right in!)

PET scans measure the metabolic activity of locations in the body. The higher the degree of metabolic activity in a given site, the higher the likelihood of malignancy in that site. The metabolic activity is measured by injecting a glucose based material into the bloodstream, and imaging the degree of uptake. The uptake is calculated into a measurement called "SUV" standardized uptake value. (PET scans are not used for brain imaging, because the brain uses glucose at all times.)

So, long story short - SUV is standardized uptake value, and tells the radioligist how metabolically active a site is.

Hope that helps.

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