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CT Results, Etc.

mary colleen

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My husband had his CT this morning, and I'm pretty sure that the results are good. I have only had word from the Onc nurse so far, and will have to wait a week to talk to the Onc that we normally see (she went out of town.) The radiology report apparently states that there is nothing suspicious in the chest, and that a lesion on the adrenal has grown "only slightly" and may call for a PET scan. (This lesion was present prior to surgery, and judged then to most likely be benign.)

On the other hand, my husband's bloodwork, weakness, and general condition were poor enough today to require a transfusion. He goes back on Tuesday for another (if the bloodwork warrants it.) The onc that we saw today gave us all of his contact information in case we should we become worried over the weekend. Of particular concern is a very, very low platelet count, so I guess that's why he made sure that we knew how to reach him this weekend.

So - I see the job right now as getting past this substantial chemo toxicity, so that's what we'll work on.

By the way, I got him to the car, but it wasn't pretty!

Thanks for thoughts and prayers.

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Mary Colleen,

Sounds like the CT is good news. That's great.

I think the chemo your husband was on can be very difficult on blood counts. If he had a transfusion of red blood cells, his fatigue shouls be helped dramatically. I had two red blood transfusions and one platelet transfusion duing my gemzar and carboplatin chemo. Just keep him awasy from anything sharp or anything that can bruies him!

Did he also get a shot of Arenesp? That helps the red cells develop.

Hope he starts feeling a whole lot better.


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Hi Mary Colleen, I am so happy his scans are looking good.

Your husband has really been through it with the surgery and then chemo right after. He lost two lobes, plus the lower right lobe is a big one...he's lost a lot of lung tissue.

It makes sense his body is little beat up from all this. Does he have a favorite high calorie food? I pray he is feeling better in a few weeks. Barb

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He IS really beat up, and I know that he needs a good diet to help him recover, but his appetite is not good. He also cannot tolerate the smell of food cooking right now. I've been leaving him a variety of fruit, crackers, granola bars, etc. right within arms reach when I have to go to work, and I get him anything he wants for dinner.(Often, that's nothing at all, unfortunately.)I am thinking that maybe his appetite will improve over the next couple of weeks, and we can go back to a more well-rounded diet.

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