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PFT Test Tomorrow


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My caseworker approved my SSDI last Friday. When she sent it to her supervisor for approval, her supervisor wants me to have a PFT test done. When I ask her about how long it would take for an answer on my claim she said only a day or two.

I go tomorrow for the test. Could everyone Please pray for me that all will go well. My short term is scheduled to run out shortly.

I am still in some light (but tollerable) pain and short of breath. I went to see my pulmanory doctor yesterday and he still is listing my diagnosis as NSCLC / Radiation Pneumonatis. My onc doctor has not really commented on it but only says it could be scar tissue from the radiation...etc. My radiation onc said that he did not feel that it was radiation pneumontis. I was back in hospital about 2 weeks after my surgery for guess what...yep pneumonia. My pulm dr said then he felt like it was not pneumonia but radiation leftovers.

I have my 1st CT since surgery Oct 21 and like most of you are, I am scared to get it. Not really scared to get the CT but scared of the results. Last x-ray showed shadow on my only lung.

Thanks everyone for listening and will be praying for all.


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Wow , Bruce sounds like you are dealing with a different SSDI then I am, I had a PFT for them 9/06/03 haven't heard a word since, my short term ran out 11/19/02 the same day that the company I worked for terminated me because my short term disablityand FMLA had both run out . The doc at the clinic when I had my pft told me he had 2 weeks to send in the report. I'm moving to your state they are slow here. Good luck with em.

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