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  1. Tomorrow at 1:30 pm est I'm having a rigid broncscopy, with lazer surgery to cut out the cancer that is blocking my left bronchus, then they are gong to attempt to put a y-shaped stent to go in both airways to help stop the pressure from another tumor that is trying to cut off my air fron the outside. I have had 15 or 16, rigid bronchs before and it is usually no big deal , some muscle pain from the anesthia(sic), the throacic surgeon asked me what i wanted him to do if I started bleeding I said I want you to open me up I'm not done living, I think my wife thinks I'm going to die, her brother flew back in from AZ after being back in Az only 4 days from a one month visit here, people have been calling who never call or very rarely and she won't talk about it, I guess most people don't like to talk aabout death, I'm scared but I still pray every night. I'm rambling I didn't sleep well, my wife had to go to work was going to be home @ 3pm almost 5 pm here now I hate when she does that and heaven fu**ing help me if I say one single word. Sorry
  2. It is about 60 deg here tonight perfext night to sleep with the window open, my neighbor has decided to put a fire in his fireplace, the houses are staggered here and I think his chimney is defective because the smoke is coming right in our home, the smoke isn't going up I can see a whiff come in every now and then and I'm choking no oen window . don't mean to witch but this sucks.
  3. Bruce you are brave and my hero! Taking on Ry and Debi at the same time. Ry has to watch it though as I know how to get to her house and have been there. Debi did you get that indoor bathroom put in yet? Is Dollywood a BUSTing good time?
  4. Last night my dog of 11 + years died peacefully here at home, my sister had taken my boys for a few days so it was quiet here. She had been sick for a week plus the vet thought she might have had sn infection of some kind, I put the poisoning thing on the back burner for my own sanity, she was a garbage hound, never knew what she had eaten. We are taking her to get cremated 1st thing this morning.DavidA _________________ DavidA GO PISTONS IN 2004!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T BELIEVE IN MIRACLES, DEPEND ON MIRACLES 45 yo nsclc stage 3 a dx 5/02 chemo; carboplatin & taxol surgery;late july 02 rt upper lobe removed radiation: 30 days completed mid nov. 02 Halloween2003, reoccurance in rt lung, lymph nodes and my back. starting carboplatin, gemzar 11/04/03 da m n disease!!!!!!!! Gemzar stopped 2/27/04 too many side effects. Started Iressa 2/27/04 Stopped Iressa 4/3/04 Stable disease as of 4/16/04 Not Stable as of 7/26/04 growth in left airway and surrounding trachea Started Alimta 7/30/04 bronchscopy, lazer surgery and stent dues for 8/09/04 LOVE IS A ROSE BUT YOU BETTER NOT PICK IT, IT ONLY GROWS WHEN IT'S ON THE VINE Back to top
  5. >$500: > > > > A guy is walking down the street, sees a >beautiful woman with a very > > short skirt, approaches her and says, "My >god, > > you're hot!!! With that look, I've GOT to >make it with you! I can't help > > myself, and no matter what, I've GOT to have > > you!" The woman is very shocked and asks >him, "What!? HERE? In the > > middle of the street!?" > > The guy answers, "I've got to have you now! >So I'll make you an offer. > > I'll drop $500 on the sidewalk and, while >you're picking it up, I will > > do everything I want. OK?" > > The lady seems to be in intense thought. Then >she calls her friend. She > > tells her friend the story, looking for some >advice. The friend says, > > "It's no big problem. > > When he drops ! the money, you pick up the $500 >fast, and he won't even > > have time to get his fireman out of his pants >before you finish picking > > it up. Just take the money and run!" > > The next day, the friend sees the woman >walking like an old woman. The > > friend asks, "What happened to you!?" > > The woman answers nervously, "That >son-of-a-witch dropped $500 in > > quarters!" > > > > >
  6. David A

    My husband Tom

    Cindy, saying prayers for Tom,
  7. David A


    I Like the way you think Jamie! You;ll or far in life with that attitude,just not very far away!
  8. didn't mean to post here sorry
  9. HI Ray , I just started Alimta 7/30/04 so I'v only had one transfususion, I don't have any esrth shattering news one way or the other. I wish you well so one day we can go cruising in our stangs together. Take care Ray and know that you haave a lot of people who love you here. David
  10. David A


    I may have to take over the hall passes as Ry is much to easy, and I never go any where so why should anyone else.
  11. David A

    Hall pass.....

    Andrea, I think you have exceeded the limit for hall passes the fiscal year, you need to get in touch with Ry regarding this, we need money real bad for a road trip!. Have fun in Tahoe, my #1 bil has a truck that is called a Tahoe,wonder if their is a connection
  12. Rochelle, Did Karen pay her fine before they left?, It isn't Davids fine! You have gotta keep on them women bout paying for their mishaps.
  13. ummmmmmmm Becky, does that mean you are good at nagging? I don't want any trouble with you. just curious
  14. Tonight my granmother Ileth Thelma Watson went to the other side of life to join many family members there, she was 98 years old and lived a good life all but the last 5 years dependent on no one but herself. Granma will be missed but she is no longer suffering. There was another more trajic death in my family today too, my favorite brother-in-laws cousin was found floating in a lake, sounds liike the police suspect murder as this woman was only 40. Lord have mercy upon their souls please.
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