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  1. Sorry, My lawyer said that we can not print the article. Its not going to be published. I know it sounds crazy but some day I will explane. Ray A
  2. Superman? I wouldnt say that. Maybe Batman.
  4. RAY A

    Back to say HI

    As soon as I get a copy of the interview I will Post it. Nice to see everyone again. I will post more often. GOD BLESS US ALL!! Ray
  5. RAY A

    Back to say HI

    Hello my brothers and sisters. Just dropping by to say im doing great. July 5th was my 3-year aniv. of surviving the LC. I had surgery in the beginning of June to remove my OTHER Adrenal gland. So the count is 1 Lung and 2 adrenal glands removed. AT This point I am NED. My onoc and my surgeon sent my tumor to a lab to do what they call Chemo sensitivity test to see what chemo’s have the best reaction to the tumor. They tested 15 different chemo’s and found 8 that reacted to the tumor. 2 of the chemo’s reacted very strong to the tumor. So I am now taking the 2 chemo’s once every 4 weeks. It is a 6-hour chemo. We are doing this for preventive reasons. My Doc moved to a med center that 2 miles from my house vs 20 miles where he was before. Tomorrow I will be interviewed for an article in the med center paper. When they asked me I was so excited because I felt that for the first time I was a success story. Well I will try to keep everyone posted in the future. god bless us all RAY A
  6. Thanks guys, I missed all of you too. Sometimes you just need a break. I will keep in touch. Ray A
  7. I like to say hello to all my old friends and let them know I m still kicking. I had surgery in sept to remove my adrenal gland. Was tumor free for a few months but it came back in my other adrenal gland. Looking to remove that one hopefully this month. God bless us all RAY A
  8. Heather you are right for feeling the way you do. I have the same problem but have a can of "OUST" at my desk and I spray it when I smell It. I also Argee this site is been going down down down. I was member 24 when this site first started and it was the best thing that could of happened to me for support. But now I read some of these posts that just grrrrrrr make me so mad. Enough said. Thats why you guys havent seen me a lot on line lately. Instead of this site being a support group like it used to be, its turned into a chat room. God I pissed. Im outta here C YA.
  9. RAY A

    Hair after WBR

    It will come back. But it may take a few months. Hang in there.
  10. Thats Great news!!!! I got a smile on my face. Pulling for you my friend.
  11. RAY A


  12. I just got an envelope today with the calendar, poster, booklet and stickers. I’m going to hang the poster at work.
  13. Hats off to you girl for such a great job on the first anual lung cancer walk/run. It was a great day and the event raised a lot of money. It was so nice seeing frends from this site there. I was just happy I made the MILE walk. I will get involed next year with you and Am already thinking of ways we can double the amount raised. Correct me if im wrong but was the amount raised $25,000? Thank you Heather for makeing a diffrence on fighting this monster. And lets shoot for $50,000. GOD BLESS YOU RAY A
  14. First I want to thank all my brothers and sisters for coming to our rescue. My wife called the nurse and also had the report sent to her. The nurse told her that she has dense breasts and they need to get another mammogram. She also said there was no signs of cancer. But when my wife got the report, she said it said something about a possible node but also said there was no signs of cancer. She has to go back Nov 18. I guess if they thought it could be something serious they would have her come in sooner. When I get home I will read the report for myself. Again I would like to thank everyone for your support. Ray A
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