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I'm sure that a lot of you have read about this in the last week--if one were interested in getting dichloroacetate--where do you go (yes, I think we all know where I am going here)--If I am understanding correctly this is already out there and accessible--is it under some other name? We cannot wait....... :!::!::!:

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We can't post about how to illegally obtain cancer medication.

Specific replies to this thread can be sent to your personal e-mail address.

Here is some info on DCA in case others want to read the recent buzz and cons attached to this medication.


I'd also ask Dr. West about his experience or knowledge of DCA and if it will be a viable option for LC Patients.

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I think DCA deserves some research. On the net, what I have found is all promising however big drug companies cannot patent the drug, so there is no money to be made. The drug has to go to trial before it can be FDA approved. Without a profit to be made, drug companies will not fund a trial to satisfy the FDA. Perhaps Lungevity and other non-profits should consider putting their research dollars on orphan trials.

I think we all should do our research on DCA. Sounds very promising, yet it can't be bought.

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