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What happens now?


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My mom is just finished the 5th of 6 scheduled chemo sessions for sclc with mestatis (sic) to the liver.... So, what happens now? I am afraid that without the chemo, it will start again... the chemo has reduced the cancer but is it now some kind of sick waiting game for it to rear its ugly head again? Any information would help me so much...

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I know how you feel, Lisa. I'm in a waiting period myself. At the last visit with the onc, he said the ct scan I had still showed a small "something". It could be just scar tissue (not to count on it), but he said I wasn't in remission. So.. he wants to wait a few weeks and at the end of Oct. he has me scheduled for another CT scan of the brain and chest. And also a whole body PET Scan. I'm to get the works.. LOL. My white cell count was low, so every wed. I go in for a shot of procrit for 2 more weeks. But until then, I'm trying to enjoy not having to sit for hours with a drip.. LOL

So just hang in there.. waiting to hear is the worst of it I think.


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My husband has completed six rounds of Carbo and Etoposide. He also has Mets to liver. He had a ct scan after four rounds and while some shrinkage was noted, it was determined to continue with the Chemo he was receiving. His seventh round of chemo is scheduled for next week and then we'll see what happens. My guess is another CT scan.

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