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Tarceva & Avastin Pain


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Hi All: I know I've asked this question before but maybe someone new will see it and perhaps answer it. My husband is taking Tarceva & Avastin and is experiencing terrible bone and joint pain. Is anyone else experiencing these side effects. Also, our pcp says it should be ok to take Celebrex however the onc says no as could cause bleeding. Any experience, comments etc. Thanks


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Tanner, thank you so much for your response. Maurice started in his trial of tarceva/avastin on 12/28/06 & when cat scanned 6 weeks later the scan showed disease stable with very minor shrinkage. I wish the same for your Karen. My research on avastin shows the main side effect as pain but most folks seem to tolerate it with no problem. I guess Karen & Maurice are the exceptions to that rule. We too were told no nsaids because of the bleeding issue with avastin, but the oxycontin & ultram are just not controlling the pain and he cannot take percoset. He is reluctant to say anything to the onc as he doesn't want to be taken out of the trial. Please keep posting, I would like you to keep us up to date on Karen's progress. Many thanx


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Tell the onc about the pain! They need to know what people in the trial are going thru AND they may have a better idea of what to give him for the pain. They are there to help, they don't want him out of the trial any more than you do. And they don't want him to be in pain either. Good luck.


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