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Has anyone had this problem. Chewing food so much that when they go to swallow it - it won't go down and you gag...that is what my husband is experiencing right now. Sounds a bit like a mental block to me - but I not being the one - don't get it and it frustrates me. If he doesn't start to gain weight he will have to get a feeding tube they say.

Ger had 5 days of radiation at the beginning of February. He had a hard time swallowing - then as that was starting to clear up and he was starting to eat solid foods again, he started tarceva (no rash yet - wish there was I guess) he got at the end of march a chest infection and shortness of breath and is on oxygen (normally) and nebulizer treatments. So now he is coughing up lots of mucous. I don't know if the mucous build up is causing this chew/gag problem or if it is the radiation still - or if it is a mental block. Anyone out there had problems with that. I was trying to get him on some better solid foods but he has no urge to eat - and we have been giving him boost drinks and boost juice and boost puddings plus soups and puree'd meals. I am really trying not to give up hope and be positive but it seems every time things start to turn around it all goes down hill again and it is very frustrating for me and for him. Thanks for listening, Heather

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Sounds very similar to the problem I had. I would chew and chew and chew and TRY to swallow it. It would just stick right there.......middle of going down my throat. I couldn't gag or cough it up or get it to go down. It actually caused some panic attacks until I realized I COULD still brethe while all this was going on. Only once I went to the ER and just as I got to the door I managed to cough it out. All the other times it did dislodge one way or another. The solution for me was to have my esophagus stretched. It's a rather simple procedure and I needed to have it done 4 different times. I have hardly any notice of the problem now. However, my esophagus in one area has lost its ability to bend. When I lean over I feel a lot of pressure there, but eating (unfortunately :roll: ) is no longer a problem as I have gained about 25 pounds.

Maybe check with an ENT.

Good luck.


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