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Lung Cancer Petition


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From another board I'm on, if anyone wants to sign the petition and/or write letter(s).


Great to hear from you! Below is a sample cover letter. Please use this, and tailor it as you see fit. Let me know if you have any questions!


Hello Friends,

As a member of the Lung Cancer Alliance-NY I am sending you this Call to Action. We are calling on you to sign our online letter. This letter will be going to elected leaders encouraging legislation that is important to the lung cancer community. The New York State budget will be finalized on April 1, 2007, and your immediate attention is requested. Those who have already signed, we thank you and there is no need to read on.

We will work hard to get as many names signed on to this letter as possible. Our goal is to obtain signatures from at least 2,500 New Yorkers over the next week! Please go to this link: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/lca-ny/ to sign on. (It is important to note that once you sign the petition, you will receive a prompt to donate. This is a feature of the petition service and is not connected to LCA. There is no reason to donate. Simply close the window on your computer. Your signature will still be captured.)

Working together, we will increase funding for lung cancer research and early detection! Please send this to your friends, family, and any people who want to make lung cancer, the leading cancer killer, a public health priority in New York State.


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You know Alisa, this Petition has been going around for years.(at least 6 years that I know of) It would be so nice if ALC would at least give us an update as to what ever becomes of the results of this petition. We have had it posted on LCSC at least 25 times or more. It just would be nice to hear some kind of results as to is it helping, did it help?

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Would you like me to email the person who sent this to me and ask her for an update? Or forward your email? If this has been going around for quite some time, they should have some sort of status by now, I would think.

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Ok, here's the first response I received. I will forward any others if I get any:


Thanks for bringing this up. The person who responded thusly is incorrect. This is NOT the same petition at all. I know, because Kay Cofrancesco and I went through great lengths in drafting this version.

Perhaps that person is confusing this petition with that which resides on the lungcanceralliance website (I have had a link to that site in my email signature for many months now - so scroll down to that to read it for yourself), which specifically calls for the following:

We, the undersigned, call on the President of the United States and the Congress to make early detection, treatment, and chemoprevention of lung cancer a national public health priority

I honestly don't know how the LCA in DC plans to utilize this collection of signatures -- maybe Kay can chime in on that one.

This petition is different. It is targeted to NYers, and is about raising awareness to NY legislators. This is the time to be that squeaky wheel, as Laurie Fenton so often says.

What will happen to this petition? I will be overseeing the mailing of the petition, with signatures collected, to all NYS legislators, by both email and hard copy (stay tuned on this one - I will need your help!). We haven't decided yet when to do this. The budget in NYS gets set on April 1st, apparently, and while the collection of signatures may be late, I think it may still be useful for us to think ahead and make our voices louder so that real legislation might take effect next year.

As you may have noticed in LCA news, many of our fellow state advocates are starting to succeed in getting legislation through their state legislators!! We can too!!!

So please let your colleagues know that this petition is being actively overseen by me and is intended to make a direct impact on NYS legislators THIS YEAR.

Keep the questions coming and let me know how it's going.



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