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Lung Cancer Alliance Hails Connecticut Senate Action on

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Pilot Program for Lung Cancer Screening

http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stori ... 605&EDATE=

Senate Bill 1033 Clears First Legislative Hurdle

WASHINGTON, March 12 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today, Lung Cancer

Alliance (LCA) hailed the Senate Joint Committee on Public Health for

passing Senate Bill 1033 (SB 1033). This bill will give grants and other

incentives to state hospitals to encourage the use of CT scanning protocol

for people at high risk for lung cancer.

"This is a great day for Connecticut citizens," said Laurie Fenton,

Lung Cancer Alliance President. "For the first time ever, we have seen a

strong endorsement from the state legislature to help those impacted by and

at risk for lung cancer."

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death both nationally and in

the state of Connecticut. In 2007, an estimated 1,860 Connecticut citizens

will die from lung cancer, more than breast, prostate and colon cancers --

combined. 70 percent of all lung cancer cases are diagnosed at late stage.

The five-year-survival-rate for Stage IV lung cancer is less than 5


"This bill will provide the funding to institute innovative lung cancer

screening programs throughout the state," said Judith Levi, Lung Cancer

Alliance-Connecticut (LCA-CT) Chair. "In addition, SB 1033 ensures that

these programs are available to as many Connecticut residents as possible."

The bill states that at least 25 percent of those scanned must be

minorities and at least 50 percent must be low income. SB 1033 was filed

with the Connecticut Legislative Commissioners' Office and will be voted on

next by the Senate Appropriations Committee.

"This is the first step of many before this bill becomes law, but we

are encouraged by the actions of the Senate Joint Committee on Public

Health," said LCA-CT Chair Levi. "LCA-CT will continue to work with

legislatures to ensure the success of SB 1033. This bill will save lives."

The Lung Cancer Alliance (http://www.LungCancerAlliance.org) is the

only national non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to patient

support and advocacy for those living with or at risk for lung cancer. As

the number one cancer killer, lung cancer will kill more than 160,000

Americans this year alone, causing more deaths than breast, prostate,

colon, liver, kidney cancers and melanoma combined.

SOURCE Lung Cancer Alliance

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