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husband still well


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My husband is 56 years old and was diagnosed in May of 2002 with extensive stage SCLC. He has been on chemo almost continually for 17 months and now has started radiation for the tumor on his right chest wall. He responds completely to the chemo but the tumor starts growing again within weeks of stopping chemo. He has a fantastic attitude and a very strong will. He has only missed three days of work in 17 months and still takes care of everything around the house and plays golf and this summer he bought a boat that we play on several times each week. We have been on four vacations since his diagnosis and are leaving again in a couple of weeks. He just times the vacations to make room for chemo. He is an inspiration to me and our three grown kids and four grandbabies. I am new here but would like to here of other inspiring stories.

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WOW!!! Your message comes at just the right time for me anyway. My husband and I have talked about taking a few vacations but we were worried that the chemo treatments I will have to undertake will leave little of no room for such things. Obviously, I'm wrong and very happy to be!!

Glad to hear that for your family...life has gone on pretty much "business as usual" (except perhaps for the uptake in vacations :-) ). Keep up the good work!!

God Bless Us All!!!

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Guest canuckwebgrrl

Your husband is a true inspiration to other extensive SCLC patients!

My step-dad was diagnosed w/ ext. SCLC March 1, 2003, has had 6 rounds of chemo, 10 rads, and now he feels great! He and my mother just got memberships to an athletic club so they can continue to play tennis (as they do almost daily) during the fall/winter. They are planning a cruise, and have absolutely bettered their quality of life since his diagnosis. Right now Steve is not receiving any treatments.

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