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Shelley (MLC)

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Hi everyone....In a couple more months, if all continues to go well with chemo, mom will have a CT and we'll be hoping the Dr. says she's in "remission" and can stop chemo for a time. Can someone tell me what criteria they use for remission? Do the original tumors have to show at least a 50% shrinkage, and perhaps a follow-up scan, a month after chemo show things to be stable? I know they are planning to do monthly Chest X-Rays/CTs after chemo is finished, but how much do the tumors have to shrink for them to consider 1st line to be finished? Am I making any sense at all???


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I was considered in total remission, because they could not find any active cancer cells. I still had the tumor about 1.5cm, but it was scar tissue. I am not sure that all doctors come up with the same conclusions.

Stay positive, :)


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