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Make You Own Seed Tapes....


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I thought this might be fun to do.

To Make Seed Tapes:

Rip old newspaper into one inch long strips tearing from the top to the bottom of the page. Use only black & white sections since colored print can emit toxins into your soil.

Make glue using 1/4-cup water to one-cup all-purpose flour.

Dab each seed with the flour-water glue and stick them in the center of the strip. Be sure the seeds are spaced evenly apart--check the back of your seed packet for the recommended amount of space between each seed.

When the glue is dry, roll up the strips and place in separate sealable plastic bags. To keep the seeds dry add one tablespoon of salt. It's also a good idea to place the seed packet into the respective seed bag. That way, in the spring, you'll know exactly how to plant them.

Store in a cool place, such as a basement, until spring.

When it's time to plant your seed tapes, lay each strip seed side up in rows several inches deep. Cover with soil and water.

You'll have beautifully spaced plants at a fraction of the effort.

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