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Ted Koppel special


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I got this in the e-mail from the American Cancer Society today. Barb

Having cancer is hard, but finding help shouldn't be. The American Cancer Society helps people living with cancer every day in every community. We help those facing the disease make informed decisions about their care and help manage the impact of the disease on their lives.

Because you or someone close to you has faced cancer, we want you to know about all the ways we can help. And we want you to know about a program that is sure to offer hope and inspiration.

On Sunday, May 6, at 8 p.m. EDT, Discovery Channel will air a three-hour special of "Koppel on Discovery" dedicated to the discussion of living with cancer. This touching documentary by legendary journalist Ted Koppel will feature former news producer and NPR essayist Leroy Sievers, who is facing his second cancer diagnosis, as well as conversations with Sievers' doctors and other patients whom Sievers met through his blog and personal cancer journey. The documentary will also highlight Lance Armstrong's experience with cancer. A live town hall discussion led by prominent cancer survivors including Elizabeth Edwards and Lance Armstrong will air throughout the program. Thirty American Cancer Society volunteers who are living with cancer or who have beaten the disease will be in the studio audience for the discussion.

We invite you to share in this look at how cancer has touched so many people. And, if you need our help, please know that you can always call us at 1-800-ACS-2345 or visit www.cancer.org anytime, day or night. No matter what you need – whether it's information to understand your disease, help managing your expenses, or a connection to others who have been there – we are here, and we can help.

Thank you,

Your American Cancer Society

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