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Thank You to those on this board


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Thank you so much for your kind words-it really means the world to me right now-Sometimes i feel as though i have no other place to grieve but on this board, it truly is the only place i can let it flow and have it be heard...it is..in one word

validating to have others listen. There are so many days when I just feel like saying to someone..."I just lost my mom and I am lost now". It is so painful to keep it in. I had a dream of her the other night. She was holding a lotto ticket and she had her glasses down her nose and she was smiling as she said "this is a good ticket". In the dream I remember just staring at her and filling up with tears. But the dream felt like I was with her. Anyhow, enough of my going on and on. THank you so much for being there. Hopefully, someday, in my more stronger days to come, I can give some comforting words to others on this board. Sarah

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sarah rest easy rthese are the nice dreams that we cherish so much. Sending Prayers that you are well.

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