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Strange Symptons


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"Hi My mum was been diagnosed with extensive SCLC about a month ago.Her brain scan was clear. She has been getting some rather worrying symptons which are panicking me. All these symptons appeared before she was even diagnosed but were not as severe. She has numbness in her left arm and her left leg was affected a couple of days ago but seems to have got better. Her arm still feels 'funny' and weak. She gets severe pain which seems to start in her back and spread around her middle. It can come on suddenly and disappear just as suddenly but when she gets it she is in agony. She also has a sore scalp and can feel small pimple like spots which are tender to touch. They seem to come and go. All symptons seem to have got worse since starting chemotherapy (carboplatin & etopiside). Other than this she is feeling ok and is still shopping and gardening. I would appreciate any feedback on what may be causing these symptons. I am very worried that the cancer may have spread - I have mentioned this to the doctor & district nurse and they say they dont know. Shouldnt she have a bone scan or something? I am a little desperate as to what to do next. Thanks for listening & god bless, Debbie

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I believe she should have a bone scan. Now as far as her scalp - just before Ger started to lose his hair his scalp really hurt and was tender. If she hasn't lost hair yet this may be a cause???....

Best wishes and positive energy your way. Heather

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My first thought was that maybe a nerve is getting pinched or pressed upon..??? but I think a bone scan would be the very best way to tell for sure. My husband had pain like that near his ribs, right before he was diagnosed...

Maybe the bumpy rash is a slight allergic reaction.. (I'm just guessing)...

Welcome here. I'll be keeping you and your Mom in my thoughts.


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Hi! I can only imagine what you are going through. My Dad has Limited SCLC and you worry about every pain. Please be insistant with the Oncologist/Physician that you want a test done. This will be a comfort than to know what is going on. I do think the sore scalp is probably from the chemo, as my Dad had that a little bit. I wish you the best luck!

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Hi Debbie,

So sorry about your Mom, it's tough, but you and your mom will be able to handle it through some help and support from this great website. I know, because we have.

My husband had some scalp pain before he starting losing his hair. He also had that pain in the back radiation around to the front. All of those side effects are gone now, but whenever there is a little something, we can't help but freak out.

I agree with the others, that a bone scan may be in order.

Blessings to you and your Mom and hang in there. There are several of SCLC survivors.

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Hi everyone,

Yet again I am so amazed at the response to my post (I posted on the Introduce yourself forum too). Thanks to everyone here for their thoughtful & helpful replies.

I hope that in return I may be able to help people from my experiences.

Currently mum is doing ok - hair falling out rapidly (wig is in waiting on stereo speaker!), not much pain today, just twinges. She is tired but happy to be coping this well and continues to get out and about. I dont know if symptons get worse the more treatment you get though. No nausea and good appetite so thanks god !I will definitely pursue an investigation into the pain and numbness if only to allay my own fears - I have been telling mum it is nothing to worry about like the doc & nurse said - but I really feel she needs a check.

Best wishes and god bless everyone here and your families - I feel blessed to have found you

Debbie x

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