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Tim's Chemo


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Tim had to stop getting chemo today. He went in and had lost 10 pounds in a week! I knew he wasn't feeling too well, but had no idea his eating was this bad. I have been working all week and wasn't home to nag him.

The onc said it's doing more harm than good and he will not finish his course of treatment. He was supposed to have a treatment today, have a week off, and have two more treatments over the next 2 weeks. I don't know if I should be happy or upset about this.

The last scans he had showed no evidence of disease, but I know from others experiences that this can come back with a vengence. If it does, he can't have chemo, and he's had all the radiation he can have. If he's being that affected by the chemo, does that mean it's working? He was getting Gemzar and Carbo and the onc didn't think this would be so hard on his system. He's hair has gotten very thin and he's had to have 4 units of blood after two rounds, much to his suprise.

What do you all think?? Should I be glad it over, or upset that he may not have had enough?? Help!!


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If he shows NED right now, it might very well be a good idea for him to take a break. There are still other chemos out there for him to try if he has a reoccurence. Right now, it might be better for him to have a break, gain his strength and weight back to be able to fight back 100% if ever he needs to..

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