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The BIG "S" and surviving


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Thank you, daddyslittlegirl, I do reap great strength from such encouragement - and I've found so much on this forum.

Best of luck to you and your dad. I do believe, as Welthy said, that a strong faith goes a long way and I'm praying for you and for all the members of this forum.

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Welthy pretty much said it all and said it well.

Maurice smoked for 55+ years. He was also an air conditioning contractor in Florida for 30 years and breathed in a lot of freon year round.

When he sold his businesss he became a metal artist and sat welding every day & breathing in those fumes for almost 20 years. So who the hell knows what caused his lung cancer. It probably was the cigs but there were other factors too.


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snoopyfn- we kind of heard the same thing. My mom asked if my dad quit now would he live and the doctor said no. However, just like wealthy said, I beleive that having an aggressive doctor is key and I don't feel we have one. I also agree with faith being a huge factor. Because only the good Lord does know. Thanks again to everyone for sharing their experiences.

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