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Ligustrum Berry by Ernie

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Ligustrum Berry REPORT

By Ernie Puckett

This is a report on one of many supplements that I take. Each report will contain:

What it is,

How I think it helped me.

Dosage I take, with links to info on dosage if available.

What I would recommend to my children to take as a supplement

A link to The Sloan Kettering site if the supplement is listed there. You may have to agree to the conditions then click on the first letter of supplement, and scroll down to the supplement. If you have already been to this web site before it will take you right to the supplement. Some supplements may interfere with chemotherapy or radiation. This site is a good source for that information

Other interesting web sites where I found valuable information, with links to research

Brand name and manufacture and link to where I purchase the product. This is the best price I have found.

Most of the web sites are also selling a product and may be bias, but they still contain good information. The Sloan Kettering site has no interest in selling products and I consider this unbiased.

By reviewing this report and the clicking links you should be able to make an intelligent decision whether this is something you want to take.

For additional information you can Google the supplement in your browser.


Don’t forget to add the most important item_ PRAYER

Ligustrum Berry is one of the supplements that I takeLigustrum lucidum is a Chinese medicinal plant that is often used in combination with other herbs in botanical formulas. I only take this because it is one of the herbs in Astragalus Supreme. This contains Chinese Astragalus Supreme, Chinese Schizandra Berry, and Chinese Ligustrum Berry.

How I think it helped me, I think it may help with immune system...

What I take today, 480mg a day 240mg before breakfast, 240mg between lunch and dinner. I take this because it is part of Astragalus Supreme.

What I would suggest that my children take as a supplement, I think that Astragalus Supreme could be one that they may like to take. I think one or two of the immune building supplements that I take would be enough for someone that is not treating cancer.

What is Ligustrum Berry

http://www.randalls.com/wellness/health ... ID=2123001

Dosage, this varies from 5 to 15 g. Scroll down to “How much is usually taken?”

http://www.publix.com/wellness/notes/Di ... tional-Use

Sloan Kettering


Other web sites of interest

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entre ... t=Citation

http://www.gianteagle.com/healthnotes/H ... ustrum.htm

Brand name and lowest price that I have found Astragalus Supreme by Gaia Herbs and be purchased in many health food stores. This is the lowest price I have found $15.39. I buy 10 at a time. Cost with freight about $16.25.

http://organicpharmacy.org/search.php?s ... me&x=0&y=0

Questions and comments appreciated


If you would like to be removed from these report mailings, e-mail your request to the above address.

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