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fathers day weekend fishing trip


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Well this time last year Gerald was merrily on his way with his buddies to the Ottawa river for the annual fathers day weekend fishing trip. It is so sad - this morning when I saw the guys at the coffee shop getting ready to go I thought how unfair life can be. It totally bites that he can't be on the trip with the guys - that I can't wave him off and wait for him to come home on Sunday and have the fish fry with the fish(store bought normally for lack of catching anything more than a hangover) that they have caught. This year is so different - he is actually going however it is part of his ashes in a little urn that I got at the funeral home. For some weird reason last year on the weekend before he even knew he was sick they were shooting the sh-- and he told his one friend that if he were ever to die he would want his ashes thrown in the river. Weird - they say that sometimes "the soul knows". Oh - by the way - they will probably come home with real caught fish this year cause ever since Ger died they have been catching fish in different spots like crazy. The boys are certain that Gerald is baiting the fish down there to their lines - and when they aren't biting - they just say "Come on Ger - get to work here" and the fish bite.

Take care and have a great Father's Day Week-end


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