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Low Sodium


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My mom has been dealing with low sodium as a result of sclc. In fact, this was one of her major symptoms that something was wrong as she suffered a seizure from it. She was in the hospital for a few weeks and they were able to bring it up with IV sodium drip as well as restricting her fluid intake. They told us that once the chemo started working, her sodium level would rise.

After the first round of chemo, her level was still too low, so her dr. prescribed (and I hope I get it right) declomycin to raise sodium. Her levels went up so I guess it must have helped.

I hope this helps....praying for your Dad!

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Can't be much help. My dad has this problem. They are limiting his water intake. What I've read is this condition is caused by a malfunction in the endocrine system due to the cancer. It's actually healthier for the level to come up slowly. However, the condition is hard to treat until the cancer is effected by treatment. Take care.

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Yes, SCLC causes a syndrome called SIADH (Syndrome of inappropriate anti-diuretic hormome) which causes the sodium to be excreted in the urine and hence low blood sodium levels. To treat my Mom, first they tried a diuretic+fluid and that didn't help. Then she too was put on declomycin which is an antibiotic but is used to treat this problem.

Now it will sometimes run low if she is dehydrated. Last week she was craving potato chips...I wasn't surprised when they said she needed extra fluids!

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BlueEye gave a very good summary of this problem, fairly common as a paraneoplastic syndrome related to protein release that can occur with SCLC (a neuroendocrine tumor). The only thing I'd say is that the drug to treat this, if fluids and diuretics don't reverse it, is called demeclocycline.

-Dr. West

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