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Hey all


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Hey I just wanted to update everyone. Mom is doing 200% better than she was. She just finished up 19 rounds of radiation and will soon start campostar. I cant believe the difference. Her physical therapist told her that everyone was ready to count her out since she had brain mets and she was so sick and now they are amazed because she is so much better. One of her docs nurses told me that her onc and her other doc were just amazed and apparently they didnt understand cause apparently she should have passed on awhile ago. They just didnt know how determined mom is. which is a good they, because someone told me that is half the battle. She has such a will to live and is determined she is not going anywhere, which of course is music to my ears. I tell her about the stories on here and that gives her encouragment also. I just tell her that there are several people on here that had mets worse than hers and they are still alive today.

I am so grateful for this website. Thanks to each of you and I will keep everyone posted


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