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My Dad - So much in the last two months

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Hi all,

I haven't posted in such a while, and wanted to update everyone. I am so sorry, there is so much you miss in two months with everyone and I give all many prayers!

So, 2 months ago my Dad's cancer came back, found a spot on liver, spot on spin, spot on hip, and also two lymph glands in his bronchial tubes. The worst part is that the sodium level really screwed him up. He has gone from 220 lbs down to now 170 lbs. One of the struggles was getting him out of Hilton Head Hospital and into better care. So, I perservered and with the help of someone I know on the board for John Hopkins, I got him to Baltimore! Now for the last month he has been in Baltimore. Was going to start the clinical trial, but then he became dehydrated with high white blood cell counts, so he is not taking Camptosar. Has anyone else taken that? Any input.

I am praying that when he goes into Hopkins today for evaluations, he will show good blood stats and can go home. The moving around has been so stressful on him and "there is no place like home" especially if we know the kind of treatment hopkins is giving him, he can get back home.

Please say some prayers for me. What a roller coaster.

Dad diagnosed with limited SCLC in November 2006. In remission in April, cancer came back beginnning of June.

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