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Organizations for spouses?


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I recently picked up a book called "Roses in December." It's a book written by a woman who suffered numerous losses, but mainly centers on the losses of her three children. Two as infants, and one teenage son who was killed in a car accident. So far the book is helpful, but the loss of a child is a very different loss than a loss of a spouse (I don't mean easier or more difficult, just different).

She often refers to an organization called Compassionate Friends that's specifically for parents who have lost children. My question is, does anyone know of such an organization that is specifically for spouses? I haven't yet inquired about any grief support groups in my area, but I probably will at some point.

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I don't know about your area, but I do know that in our area we have several Spouse Grief Support groups, and I know of many people who have attended them over the years and just swear by them that they are very helpful and offer great support.

Funeral Homes in most cases may have a list of groups. They may also have a list of books that are for spouses.

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