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It seems to happen so quick!!!


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I don't usually post here, but I just wanted to say that I am so upset over janetk's death... I have sit here and cried and cried. It just seems like one minute you read a post on here and then a few hours later they are gone. This disease is so horrible... I can't help but wonder how long my Darrell will be with me!! In some ways I can't do without this message board and my thanks goes out to the ones that created it. I feel that I can come here and post anything!!!!! But then again I come here and I see people I have grown to know and care about and we lose them and it is so hard and hits so close to home.. Sometimes I just can't handle all of this...My heart and my prayers are with each and everyone one on this site!! I don't have time to post responses to all the ones I wish I could. But just know I've read your post and I care and I worry and I pray for each and everyone of you!!! I wasn't sure where to post this..So I chose here... All of you take care and I hope God is watching and listening to each and everyone of us!!!


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