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Do you believe in a Heaven or Hell????


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Thought i'd ask this question as i just read in a Magazine that up to 25% of people interviewed said they did not believe in heaven or Hell but Hoped it was True. I'll start by saying that i'm not 100% certain(shame on my lack of faith)but hope it's real. I mean evil people should not be given a place in Heaven if they never regretted or repented for there choices,and those who suffered all they life's in poverty(through no fault of there own) and other bad and sad lives deserve a better place if they alway's no matter what tried to be kind loving and forgiving......

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I had it written then lost my response so will try again.

Yes I believe in both. I believe that Hell exists but only for those who will not acknowledge God and Christ when they have the oportunity to. I think those who are isolated and have never been taught about Them are inocent and will be the exceptions unless they are taught otherwise.

As for the rest of us I think that Christ died for our sins because he knew that we would never be perfect. As long as we honestly repent for our sins and accept Him into our lives we will be forgiven.

I believe that Heaven is more a state of being than a place. It is a place where souls go to await the second coming of Christ when we will all be given a new body as we are told in the Bible. Then Heaven will be here on Earth but an Earth that is far different and more pristine than the one we know. As for now all of our loved ones are just a breath away, seprated from us by just a thin vail that sometimes slips and lets us get a glimpse of them and what is to come.

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Kinda of persomal Larry, but I will answer you.

My religion did not raise me to believe in Christ but I have a strong belief in G-d.

I believe in Heaven but not in a physical Hell. I feel that hell will be for the individual person who deserves to be there, but in a state of a tormented mind.

If there is a such thing as reincarnation (which I strongly believe) then that person will have hell (pun inteneded) to pay in his or her new lifetime. It will be hell on earth. We reap what we sow, so what we do in one lifetime comes back as karma in another.

Maryanne :wink:

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