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After effects of WBR

mary colleen

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My husband finished WBR on 6/22, and thankfully had a clean chest/abdoment CT on 8/10. He had struggled through June and part of July with the usual fatigue of WBR, then seemed to improve for 2-3 weeks; I thought that we were starting to come around the bend.

For the last couple of weeks, symptoms have grown worse again. His need to sleep has skyrocketed, he has completely lost his appetite, he has ongoing vague nausea, he has essentially stopped 95% of actvities, and he seems to have odd moments of (for lack of a better term) sensory confusion.

For example, he thinks that I have oversalted his food when there is actually no salt in it...he thinks that TV commercials are using the color red way too much all of the sudden....and he thought that one of our matching dining room chairs was suddenly much heavier than the others - that maybe I had done something to it. I know that these things sound kind of silly, and I'm a little embarassed for his sake to put them in print. I don't want to compromise his dignity.

I decided to put it out here anyway in the hopes that someone who might have had brain radiation might tell me that they had similar experiences(?)

He is not sharing these experiences at all with his oncologist, and even tends to deny them. His next brain MRI is scheduled for 9/28.

So - any similar experiences from anyone who has had brain radiation?

Thanks so much to all of you!

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Mary Collen, I did not have the same efects. I thought I was OK but lattley I can't eat. I Ihave a bad taste in my mouth, my legs & feet hurts. Don't know if is for theWBR, but is not the same. I waiting for a week & then I will call the Doc. Mi vision is much worst.

Sorry that I can not help you. But please go to the Doctor. Hope he felels beter

love 7 prayers


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