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  1. great news!!!! congratulations xoxobucky
  2. prayers & strengh are with you. Have faith love bucky
  3. Dear Sandra, I feel for you, there is nothing worst than feeling bad.I think that help a lot with depression. You will be fine Sandra, you have a lot to live for You are in my prayers, a big hug and a lot of support bucky
  4. great news!!!!!!!!!! xoxo bucky
  5. alexan


    I am back, my life had being a zoo lately, but I will try to write more often. I miss you gays. Next week test. I am scarred but there is nothing that I can do. I am feeling good sometimes depress thinking in death. Going to pick up cristian ( my grand son) & I will write soon
  6. they are the bes friends, you can tell them everything & they always love you. Here 4 dogs & 3 cats but I can not imagin my life wih out them Congrats xoxo bucky
  7. alexan

    bone mets

    how treatable are the bone mets???? i have 1 on the 7th rib. Thy did radiation on it but hurts. Thanks bucky
  8. Ellen, for many many more... xoxobucky
  9. Same thing.... very wierd loosing hair & my eye lashes loooooong. But the important thing is that we still here have a good sunday bucky
  10. Kasey your yoy make us all happy. For many, many more xoxobucky
  11. alexan

    Going to Italy!!

    Lilly,I was thinki g f you this morning!!!!! Is so great that you go to Italy. I love Rome & have such a good memories of Milan Have a wonderfull hollidays xoxobucky
  12. happy to hear from you, pray for your fatigur goes away. xoxobucky
  13. I want to wish all of you a good Navidad & a healthy new year!!! I continue with Tarceva & Avastin & still here. Best of all xoxobucky
  14. Congratulations donna!!!!!! for many many more xoxobucky
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