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Alternative treatments?


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Does anyone know anything about alternative treatments for cancer. I found a site http://www.cancerfightingstrategies.com/index.html

and there is information on supplements like

Pro C0q10, Oxy E, MSM, Zeolite.

Has anyone tried these or know a good site to buy them on. I live in Ireland and they dont sell them over here. I have found them on sites in the US but I dont know what sites are legitimate or not.

If anyone can help I would appriciate it so much.



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I'm a medical oncologist and must admit that I'm not a great fan of many of these supplements. While I imagine that most are not especially likely to have profound effects either way, my concern is that some can actually be harmful. Zeolite, in particular, is one that the naturopath who works at my cancer center is quite familiar with and definitely advises against. Comments about it are here, at my website (OncTalk):


You may want to look around other parts of the website and see if there is other information that would be helpful to you. It's almost entirely lung cancer information directed to patients and family members.

Good luck.

-Dr. West

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Check the Nutrition forum. Ernie has a list of SUPPLEMENTS he has been taking to assist in his chemo treatment. they are the posts marked Reports.

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Ernie is wonderful, Ernie is great, and, most of all, Ernie is inspiring.

Ernie's reports are full of information and tell you where to get more information.

That said, if I were looking for instructions on how to fly a plane and got somewhat conflicting instructions from Ernie and Dr. West, my strong presumption would be to go with Ernie's thoughts--unless I had a great deal of evidence to the contrary.--Neil

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