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Here we go again - Xanthus (P2045) or Velcade/Taxol


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Anyone have any experience with these drugs in a trial situation? Dad has 2 possible trials that he can participate in (Phase 1) as the Alimta failed him. Trying to make a decision. Velcade seems promising - its been FDA approved I believe for multiple myeloma (sp?)

Any thoughts well appreciated as always.


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My mom did a clinical trial with velcade, gemzar and carboplatin. She had NSCLC adenocarcinoma, with multiple nodules in both lungs, and managed to get about 90% improvement with 6 (I think) rounds, but after that they tried velcade as a single agent for maintenance, and she experienced disease progression.

I have no experience with it as a combination agent with taxol.

Best wishes,


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