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Anyone had experience with pleurodesis?


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Hi guys,

I'm looking for personal experiences with a pleurodesis. Mom had one (see profile) and it included a chest tube. The chest tube "hole" is healing but she is in alot of pain below that area. She says it's a burning pain that comes and goes and not like the pain from the pleural effusion. She can't get comfortable and sits up and tries to nap constantly. When she moves around she is in more pain. She is taking Lortab for the pain and she says it helps. Here's my question: is there pain like this afterwards???? She says the pain is from a nurse ripping off tape forcefully. But that was 3 weeks ago! Her doc looked at the hole today when she finally told him about the pain and said it might be infected...have the home care nurse check it more frequently.(her PCP said it looked OK a few days ago) I'm just really frusterated and looking for some answers...thanks.

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