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The ct scan is showing cancer in the liver, the gall bladder is still a possible problem too. The objective is to get him home for Christmas. The specialist says he may do the scope procedure to insert a shunt in the liver for drainage. If he does he assures us it will be in the next day or so he can be home! He's okay outwardly, other than the yellow-Jondious skin and pain in his belly you'd think he's just an aging man. At least that is something to be great full for! I'm sure he'll be home with a morphine pump ... which has become his brand new best friend since Friday! :shock:

My sister that he lives with is planning where the hospital bed will go at the house etc. She said "I may sound selfish but I don't want him taken care of by someone else". Of course there was an exchange of ideas regarding the fact that it's just not up to her, maybe not even Dad at some point. She has no idea what she's getting in to with that idea, if she drank to get rid of the diagnosis at first. What makes her think she'll be anything but in the way of a full hospital care unit in her living room? Heck yesterday at the hospital I was trying to be nice saying "coffee break, lets go!" but the chick wasn't getting it. We were to leave as the nurse stood waiting to get near him so he could snooze and get a new IV etc. Finally I just piped up saying "OK lets go, your just in the way now." :x

I don't get it, it's stupidity to me! She leaves the man stranded and late to pick him up at places. Leaves him sitting alone almost every night and over the weekends to party and sleep at a friends house to the point Dad says "ya, it gets a bit lonely over here". But put the man in the hospital and she's all over him like a dirty shirt. She's going to annoy me I know, and hopefully she'll have all her teeth in tacked when it's over. :evil::lol:

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People do react in many different ways. Go easy on your sister..even if she drives you mad. I think I overcompensated with my sister when she was so sick also. I just wanted to be sure that she knew I loved her and that I wanted to make her better. She wants to be forgiven for something and doesn't know how to ask or perhaps, she just can't say "I love you."

Take care,


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I know excatly how you feel...... My mom does the same thing... I am so sorry, I wish I could tell you they change but no luck. I hope you can have a good holiday and enjoy it with your dad. As far as your sister, I wish i knew a remedy, My mom only comes around at critical times and she drinks the rest of the times away. I feel for you (((( HUGS))))) Brandy

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