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  1. Denise, Did you say he has COPD? There is a web site www.copdguide16.com and it has a wonderful book to help with copd. I hate copd!!! We have been fighting it for a while now and it seems to just make them so tired. I am glad he is doing better and that the steroids will help him. Yall are in our prayers.
  2. Brandyswa

    Good bye to Dad

    Shrimp, So sorry for you losing your dad. Your family is in our prayers.
  3. Just hang in there. We went through the same thing. My grandpa was always full and it was hard to eat or drink. He hated to drink ensure because he was full, if he drank water he drank to much at one time and was full. Gatoraide tasted bad because of the radiation. It was a battle, but hang in there and it will get better.
  4. I would get another opioion if she wants too. Do what she wants and things will fall in place. Prayers go out for ya
  5. ((((Karla)))) yall have our prayers and know you are in our thoughts. Enjoy each day and take care of yourself.
  6. (((NOVA)))) We are here for you and Harry. You helped me when we were at our worse so we are here for you. Keep fighting and enjoy the days you have with him. Talk to us and prayers are going out to yall.
  7. Eric, Sorry for the loss of your dad, and I am so glad that he lived the fullest life he could live. You are in our prayers and thoughts.
  8. I am so sorry for your loss, but you have a special story to tell of how she passed and that she was with everyone that loved her. She knew you were special and felt like she could pass with you there, alot of people like to pass alone. Again I am so sorry
  9. Brandyswa

    She's gone

    Gracie, I am so sorry for you losing your sister. When the days get to hard think of all the good times you shared with her.
  10. My grandfather got really confused when he was dehydrated and we added hydration therapy 2x a week for a month because he was so confused. He didn't know where the bathroom was in our house and he got lost. He also sleep so much when he was on chemo and radiation. Prayers are with you all. It is so hard but I would ask about getting hydration and asked if home health can come do it so that she can be at home and rest.
  11. Shelly, THank you for sharing the train. I am so sorry that you lost your dad, and we will keep you in our prayers and thoughts
  12. Teresa, Best wishes for your dad and his surgery. Prayers are being sent that he will ace this one. Keep us updated on how he is doing.
  13. Thank you for your prayers... We did another throcentestis, and grandpa handled the procedure well. It is now wait and see. Thanks again. Brandy
  14. Well about a week and 1/2 ago grandpa had a thorensotsis (spelling is wrong) and they were sending the fluid off for pathology and they lost the fluid and the test was never done. Wed. we had to go to the office for a chest x-ray and go the call today saying the x-ray had changed. We dont know how it has changed but we have to go to the doctor tomorrow to find out. With the urgency I can only guess that it is not good news. Please say a pray. I am so scared that it is going to be much worse so please lend us a few prayers. Thanks Brandy
  15. sending a prayer for an awesome surgery!!!
  16. Brandyswa

    Cancer Sucks

    Jen its ok to be neg sometimes we all have those days.
  17. I am so sorry that you have to have a round 2 but glad that you came back for support. I will keep your FIL in our prayers. Brandy
  18. I am grateful for the beautiful day we had. I am also blessed to have a wonderful family and got to spend one more day with grandpa. I am also grateful for all the new friends I have meet on this website
  19. I agree with Linda, save your energy for when your mom gets home. Spend some quality time for yourself and your family. I know it is hard to do this, but it will better later because you willnot be as fustrated and tired. Try alternated days with a sibling or a friend.
  20. Gail, My grandpa did pretty good the first few treatments, but he did get tired after the treatments were over. He woould get sob just taking a bath, also be aware that he may slip into a depression from not being able to do the things from the past like mowing the lawn. We dealt with that also. Good luck and things will get better. Lots of prayers for ya. Brandy
  21. They are beautiful children... and when we were growing up we didnt have rides like that ever!!!!
  22. Please dont read stats.... everyone is different. We were told 6 months ands we are past that so take it one day at a time and enjoy the days. These folks here are awesome and one your worse days someone else will be there to pick you up. This the way I surivied it all!!!
  23. Deb, We did a lot of peanut butter, ensure, ice cream, carnation instant breakfast..nesquick. We added calories to everything. We made a milkshake of 4scoops of peanut butter, nesquick, ensure, and herseys choclate syrup (it was thick and tasted like a peanutbutter choclate shake) Rootbeer, choclate milk, (use whole milk), make potato soup with lots of sourcream and cheese. Lots of butter is how we made it through a lot of the chemo and radiation, It is hard but once you master the calories and where to hide them you've got half the battle won!!! Good luck and it is very fustratuing
  24. Here is a website a friend sent to me and I thought I would pass it along. Brandy http://parentswish.com/
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