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PCI , fatigue, confusion


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Hi Ghita,

The only experience I had was with my friend who did WBR. She was in fog land for several weeks and then snapped out of it. If in doubt, contact your radiation doctor. Sometimes it's the steroids messing things up and the dose may have to be adjusted.

How much other treatment has he done? A lot of the cumulative effects of chemo/radiation can really knock the stuffing out of a person.

Help us help you a bit more by clicking on "my profile" at the top of the page in the purple area and put some info in as to what type of cancer, treatment, etc. he has done. You will find plenty of people with similar diagnoses who will be able to respond, if you give a little more info. Thanks!

I know how scary and frustrating it is to see your husband in this condition and I'm sorry!

Good luck!


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My husband had WBR in June - essentially the same thing as PCI. 6 months post the last treatment, and he is much better, but still struggling in some ways. It is not instant coffee to recover from - I would suggest that you expect several more months of dips and improvements, based on our experience. Rest (as much as needed) is critical to letting the brain recover.

Good luck.


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Thank you for responding and the encouraging words. I didn't realize just how well people do in the year 2007 until I started reading some of the posts on this message board. I guess I just want my old husband back when he was healthy, this last 6 months hs been a real bugger. He also lost 75 lbs in the year prior to his dx. He was dieting and trying to lose it, but it was just too easy. Now he is underweight for the first time in his life and he just looks sick. Skinny also makes me nervous.

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