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  1. Would that be the ceremonial raising and lowering ritual? Do they slowly beat a drum? Yikes! Mold --- hadn't thought about that. I'm thinking blackhead looking marks are better. Mold -- LMAO.
  2. Aaah, thanks for the HMO answer Barb. Yes, I wondered about those green dots too. Three different spots of laser light -- not tatts. Maybe it's an alignment thing. I never was in the room with Tony during radiation, so that whole thing is a mystery to me. It also looked like he was going into a tube. Is that how it's done? Oooh -- Becky got purty tatts! Tony had the "traditional" black/blue ones. Aren't you special!! I can't believe I've been sucked into a show that I hate the premise of and hurts to watch. I'm so stupid.
  3. Hell, I've ended up watching some of these episodes, despite the weird premise. Crud, I thought you'd all know why the shrink wrap thing was done. I liked the way the two sides of having treatment vs. not having treatment were presented. I agreed with him for the late stage diagnosis, but understood his compassion for his wife to proceed. Now, we'll see how this thing plays out and how realistically it is done. His HMO wouldn't cover treatment? I didn't get that either. Getting inside his head and thinking process was done very well I thought. Hurt to watch it.
  4. Welthy

    Update on Mary

    Hawkeye, My condolences on your loss. May God comfort you during this time. Welthy
  5. Welthy

    Today In History

    Love ya' Randy and hoping that today went okay. Thanks for sharing your picture with us. Aaahh, you still look like a little kid! Welthy
  6. The amount submitted to Medicare for Alimta (21 day cycle) was $25,000 each treatment + add-ons for the other stuff they give you. I hope you have great success and good supplemental insurance. Welthy
  7. Well Sherlock, this one has me scratching my head. At first blush I thought it was just someone (family member or friend) who wanted to make you feel good that you were remembered on Valentine's Day. Then, the more I thought about your post, the weirdness set in. Did the person draw the hearts and X's?? Rather sophomoric, isn't it? Yes, this will be on your mind and, thanks so much to the idiot, whatever they were thinking, to give you just that little bit more on your plate. I'm sorry Teri -- odds are you'll never find out. It rankles me though. I dearly hope it was a well-intention
  8. Thank you for your post/story. It stands as a reminder to those of us in earlier phases of grief, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. May God bless you, Welthy
  9. Barbara, I'm glad to see you finally checked in --- I put an all points bulletin out for some people last week and you were one of them! Sorry to hear about the depression. More of the roller coaster ride. It's all about the fight and the longer the fight goes on the harder it is to overcome some of the shadows lurking in the corners. I understand and sincerely hope that things will continue to go well for you. We're always here with open ears for you. Hugs, Welthy
  10. Welthy

    Memory Boards

    Oh ((((Kim)))) -- that had to be difficult. I'm sorry. (I'd still like to b*tch slap your step-father though. ) Welthy
  11. Another wonderful soul is gone to this disease. God bless spunky Liz and prayers for her family. Welthy
  12. This study was pertaining to Breast cancer websites, but it should keep people mindful of the need to be aware of what is promoted on some sites for any illness. Welthy ------------------------------------------------- Review of Online Breast Cancer Information Encourages Healthy Skepticism For Consumers Quality Funda Meric-Bernstam, M.D. Funda Meric-Bernstam, M.D. criteria does not determine accuracy of Web sites M. D. Anderson News Release 02/11/08 In an extended analysis of Web pages dedicated to disseminating breast cancer information, researchers at two University of Texas insti
  13. Welthy

    Chemo question

    Hi Maryea, Sorry to hear that this is happening for your Mom. Peripheral neuropathy is caused by many chemo agents including Carboplatin, although typically not to the degree that Cisplatin does. The combo of carbo/taxol can be challenging for some people in this area. Our oncologist started my husband on B-6 (not to exceed 600 mgs per day) before starting this particular combo. Although he had enough chemo to choke a horse, he took 400 mg per day during this therapy, and he never had any neuropathy issues. Might want to put your Mom on some B-6 to see if that will help heal these ner
  14. Welthy

    Oh, Mom...

    Oh (((Erin))). Sending big hugs of comfort. Debi
  15. Bon Jovi To Launch Cancer Benefit Concert Series February 06, 2008, 12:00 PM ET Mitchell Peters, L.A. Bon Jovi, Jerry Seinfeld, Brian Wilson and Andrea Bocelli, among others, will perform in various New York City venues throughout 2008 as part of the inaugural Stand Up For A Cure concert series, designed to raise funds and awareness for lung cancer research at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. In the week leading up to the U.S. leg of its Lost Highway world tour, Bon Jovi will launch the series with a sold-out concert on Feb. 12 at the 3,500-capacity Hammerstein Ballr
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