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"Grieving My Way"


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I too have something that was passed out at a grief group. Usually I don't like the poems they distribute, because I find them too depressing and hopeless. This isn't a poem, but I found it very true. It validates common feelings, and can help others understand a bit better.

Grieving My Way

I believe grief is a process that involves a lot of time, energy and determination. I won't get over it in a hurry, so don't rush me.

I believe grief is intensely personal. This is my grief. Don't tell me how I should be doing it. Don't tell me what's right or wrong. I'm doing it my way, in my time.

I believe grief is affecting me in many ways. I am being affected spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially and mentally. If I am not acting like my old self, it's because I'm not my old self and some days I don't understand myself.

I believe I am being changed by this process. I see life differently. Some things that were once important to me aren't anymore. There are some things I used to pay little or no attention to that are now important.

I believe I will be affected in some way by this loss for the rest of my life. As I get older, I will have new insights into what this death means to me. My loved one will continue to be part of my life and influence me until the day I die.

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