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Bone Marrow Biopsy


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I had to have a bone marrow biopsy last year because I had anemia. The biospy came back negative for cancer (although I did have a possible abnormal chromosome). A month of Procrit cured the problem of anemia.

Anyway, my question is probably stupid, if the two nodules on my lung are cancer, wouldn't that have shown up on the biopsy? Does LC affect marrow?

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I don't THINK a biopsy of the bone would reveal cancer of the lung - same way a biopsy of your lung nodule wouldn't reveal bone cancer... :?:

In my case, prior to the "cancerous tumor" being labeled as a carcinoma, it was first a suspicious mass, then a suspicious tumor and after a biopsy and having a "piece of it" inspected it was labeled as cancer.

Just my thought...I'm not a doctor or radiologist or nurse or even a receptionist in a doctor's office - I just "lurk" here. :roll:


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