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Yes, Another Blonde Joke

Patti B

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A man is in his front yard cutting his grass one morning. The blonde that lives next door comes out, runs down the driveway, opens her mailbox, looks in, slams the door on the mailbox, runs back up the driveway and slams her front door.

A few minutes later, he notices she does the same thing, only this time she starts to curse after she looks in the mailbox, runs back up the driveway swearing and slams her front door even harder.

It happens a third time, and she is standing by her mailbox cursing and swearing and he is afraid that something is terribly wrong.

"Ma"am, can I help you" he asks. "Is anything wrong"

"Yes", she says "There is something wrong. That damn computer of mine keeps telling me YOU'VE GOT MAIL"

Sorry to all the blondes out there.

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