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Pulmonary Function Tests


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I'm new here, and found this website when doing google searches on mothers lung tumor.

Mother, 63 diagnosed July 2007 with SCLC located behind the lung. Biopsy of lung showed no cancer cells. Tumor located behind lung in between lung and pulmonary artery. Tumor size is 7cm by 6cm. Tests shows that is hasent spread to anywhere and is all located behind right lung. Could not breathe very well, was put on oxygen and I had to take her to doctors appt. in wheelchair as 4-6 steps would be very difficult.

Started 4 rounds on chemotherapy every 3 weeks (Carboplatin/Etoposide) August 2007. Tolerated chemo very well, so very well, that the doctor increased treaments to 6. Oxygen and wheelchair has been put away and she now walks downtown (6 blocks). She has to stop not and then for a rest, but at least she does it. Her blood went very low (Hemoglobin 65, platelets 15) but she felt the best she had in a long time. Only side effects were hair loss, insomnia and a few mouth sores (she had fun going to the local coffee shop for a tea at 2am and watching all the drunks come in from the bars :D ). Chemo finished, tumor has shrunk more than 50%. Now starts the radiation to tumor and preventative radiation to head.

My questions is, has anyone ever heard of the doctor not doing radiation therapy due the fact that there may be too much damage to lung via formation of scar tissue? Her Pulmonary Function test is tomorrow and On Thursday she gets the CT for the markings on her chest.

Thanks, and I'm glad I found this site!!!!


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I do not have any information on your questions but just wanted to welcome you to this site. I found this site in November through a google search as well. The members are a great source of information and very friendly.

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Hi and welcome to the site. It sounds like your Mom is doing great! Congratulations!! :D I don't know the answer to your question but I recommend onctalk.com? You should ask Dr.West, that is his site and he's great.

My Mom's radiation oncologist told us she would never get off of the oxygen and would always have SOB due to the damage from the tumors AND the radiation but initally she improved, got off of the oxygen and was walking a pretty far bit.

I'm just wondering...what is the purpose of the lung function test in a case of SCLC? I know what the purpose of the LFT is, but what are they going to change up on her treatment?

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Hi -

My mom's tumor began about the same size as your mom's. She was not given radiation until the tumor was a lot smaller because the doctor said the radiation would destroy too much good tissue if aimed at a large tumor.

Once the tumor decreased to 2 cm, they did the radiation.

Perhaps you can ask if there are plans for radiation after tumor shrinkage.

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