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Sun's Soup (SV)


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Hi I want this information may get your interest and I really hope that this could help you all. Yesterday night I saw a TV series talking about the success and contribution of some chinese people stories. Yesterday was talking about the Acupuncture and the Chinese Medicine Herbal Formula that could heal the NSCLC. And this soup is already entered into the FDA final phase III and expected to launch few years later.

You could have a look at the website http://www.sunfarmcorp.com/

and I know you could order from them directly. But, it is quite expensive as far as I know. In Hong Kong there is a sales representative that sells this soup, it costs around US$1200 a month. You could find some more info about this soup from its website by clicking the "SV" in the left side of the page: http://www.uamedicalnet.com/eng/content.html

This formula was found co-incidently by Dr Sun and he formulated on his own by using the Chinese Herbal Book and some articles about HERBAL as reference. He tried to make everyday soup for his mother, while her mother had the surgery to take away the tumor (8.5cm big), the surgeon said this was amazing because the tumor was wrapped by a thin skin on itself and the surgeon was very easily to cut that off from her lung by few cuts. The TV also showed the pictures to compare the difference of her tumor among the other tumors appearence. I found it looked really as what they said, the tumor was wrapped by a thin skin that the appearence was very smooth and like the appearence of a liver.

And so far, over 10 years, his mother didn't get recurrence. Moreover, the ex-president of Cze government, Havel took this soup as well and his oncologist said, his health is not really good but at least, he didn't have any recurrent so far......

Because in US, not too much good and experienced Chinese Herbalist there and if you want some alternative medicine and you have the ability to afford it, you may consider. But, please let's consult your doctor first.

Remark : Dr Sun is doing his research in Yale School of Medicine now with 2 Nobel prize winners (if this information is correct.)

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