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SFDA Clrs Unique NonInvasive RadiationFree Pulmonary Imaging


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SFDA Clears Unique Non-Invasive, Radiation-Free Pulmonary Imaging System

Deep Breeze Ltd. VRIxp™ System for the Diagnosis of Respiratory Conditions of the Lung

BEIJING--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Deep Breeze Ltd, the innovator in vibration response imaging (VRI™) technology, today announced that the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) of the People’s Republic of China has approved the registration of the VRIxp™ device. VRIxp™ is a non-invasive, radiation-free imaging system that creates dynamic functional imaging of the lungs, it was approved by SFDA for assisting physicians to diagnose and manage patients suffering from respiratory complaints. This announcement marks Deep Breeze’s official marketing approval of the VRIxp™ device in China. The VRIxp™ system will be marketed to specialists and physicians at hospitals, clinics and screening centers.

The VRIxp™ device records lung vibrations from sensors applied to a patient’s back. The system then uses an algorithm to convert these data into a dynamic functional image. Changes in tissue composition and airflow affect the vibration intensity, dynamics and distribution within the lung which are then reflected in the image produced by the VRIxp™ system. This unique system has been specifically designed for the management and diagnosis of lung diseases such as COPD, lung cancer, pleural effusion, and airway obstructions. In turn, better management can accelerate the commencement of improve patient treatment.

“Ultimate Science Technology Co. Ltd (UST), as the official representatives of Deep Breeze Ltd. in China, is proud to be part of the introduction of the VRI™ technology into this important market. Our first and foremost priority is to educate physicians on the unique capabilities of the system and how they can benefit from it in their daily practice in pulmonary medicine. We are committed on intensifying and expanding our VRI™ market activities in China.” said Mr. T. F. Yu, Director and CEO of UST.

“The VRIxp™ system is a breakthrough in pulmonary medicine that will allow us to improve patient care by providing a more detailed and rapid diagnosis of lung conditions at the bedside without exposing the patient to radiation. Physicians can now rapidly assess the outcome of their therapy and effectively utilize it as a lung screening tool.” said Prof. Cai, Deputy Chairman of China Respiratory Association.

“The availability of the VRIxp™ system in China advances our efforts to create a new clinical paradigm in which our technology will be the standard application in a broad line of clinical applications,” said Igal Kushnir, President and CEO of Deep Breeze Ltd. “It also represents a significant development in the concerted push by Deep Breeze Ltd. to build a global marketing and sales platform directed at pulmonary medical care. Indeed, the potential for this medical technology to diagnose, treat and effectively manage lung conditions is unlimited.”

About The VRIxp™ System:

The procedure takes only minutes in a physician’s office and may be performed repeatedly for continual monitoring. Results are displayed immediately and can be stored in the built-in database for future use. The radiation-free technology has been used in places such as hospitals & clinics, ED and PFT labs. And surgical wards for diagnosis and monitoring treatment procedures worldwide without any single adverse event.

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