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An easy and fun way to fundraise.......


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Spring is here! Summertime is fastly approaching.

Do you have friends over for a bbq or picnic or 4th of July celebration? Turn it into a fundraiser for LUNGevity! Check with your accountant--you can probably tax deduct the cost of the food you serve since it is for a fundraiser. We can all use tax deductions!

Ask your friends to donate $5, $10, $20, whatever, instead of bringing food. They would spend that much anyway on a side dish, dessert, flowers, etc. They can give you a check payable to LUNGevity, or donate on line. You can set up your own page at LUNGevity (SO EASY!) Your friends get a tax deduction.

You can also contact local restaurants and grocers and ask for gift cards for raffle prizes or a silent auction. Let's say your friends don't have a lot of money for raffle prizes and you don't want to ask, you can do an auction. For examaple, sell a $25 gift certificate to a restaurant for $25 in a silent auction. This way you raise funds and your friends are out of no money.

LUNGevity will give you their letter for the tax ID number merchants will want for their records. So many of the chains and local restaurants and supermarkets are willing to donate gift cards, it is amazing.

This is easy and fun and it turns into something we would have done anyway into a nice fundraiser. Every little bit counts :)

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