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Many questions on abbreviations and treatments.


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I am new here and have only posted once, but I have been reading alot. What a wealth of info. you people have to offer!! Feeling stupid as to some abbreviations though: BAC and NED? (have figured out ned is good!) I also read some posts on VEGF and EGF cancer cells. One more thing: what is Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy?

We have been waiting to hear from Johns Hopkins re: RFA, but are not very hopeful due to tumor proximity to pulmonary artery. Can IMRT provide therapy to a specific site without damaging vital organs?

With good reason, my fil is anxious to start some type of treatment as we 1st found out in Jan. and it took till March to get a positive biopsy. But, I think we should start out with the best possible plan and after a visit to his onc. on monday, I (along with other family members) do not feel she is our best option!! Plan to ask radiologist for a referrel to an onc. at JH if RFA is not an option.

Thanks for all the information.

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Hi, welcome to the group!

(have figured out ned is good!)

Wow, what a compliment! Though I concede you may have been thinking of the "other" NED, which is an acronym representing "no evidence of disease." :wink:

There's a glossary link in the left column that explains many terms. In addition to that, the most current, authoritative, and understandable resource is Dr. West's onctalk.com. While OncTalk has its own search function, that covers only the forums section of the site, and your most complete results will come from using a Google search restricted to OncTalk. That's especially easy if you have a Google toolbar installed in your browser. In the Google window, type site:onctalk.com followed by a space followed by your search term (which can be a single word or a phrase surrounded by quote marks). Here are some examples of what you could type in a Google window to answer your specific questions:

site:onctalk.com imrt

site:onctalk.com bac

site:onctalk.com radiation "pulmonary artery"

OncTalk will soon be moved to a new site which will incorporate a special window for this type of Google search.



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Oh Ned,

Thanks for the good laugh, as I really needed that after todays news. :oops: (Finally able to figure out your nickname also!) NED is VERY good!!

We heard from the Dr. today re: RFA and like I was afraid, my fil is not a canidate for it. He is very down and says he isn't even going to try chemo now.

Thanks so much for the info. I plan to gather as much info re: chemo and other treatments to pass on to him, along with all the inspirational stories I have read on here.

I know it is up to him and we will support him in any decision he makes, but I want him to make an informed decision!! And I for one have just begun to fight!!

Take Care,

Sincerely, Bonnie

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Hi Bonnie, it's great that you are gathering info for your FIL....This diagnosis is so scary and overwhelming. Unfortunately, so many people think of chemo as the chemo from years ago....that WAS miserable. I am a pediatric nurse and I had to administer it. These days, chemo is much easier on the system. My mom has been on 3 different "lines" of treatment and other than some low blood counts (easily corrected with meds) and perhaps a day or 2 of fatigue every 3 weeks, she has done great! She feels better today than she did the entire year before she was diagnosed. Everyone's body is different and your FIL will have to make his decision. Just make sure it's an INFORMED decision, not one based on infor from 30 years ago. Good luck! Shelley

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Thanks Shelley

I am printing profiles for him (like your moms), so he can read how well people are doing on just chemo.

Dadstimeon posted a sticky with alot of useful websites, and I have printed him a copy with the chemo drugs, other therapies, questions for your Dr., side effects etc..

Trying to do the research for him as he really doesn't like computers. :)

Hope today is a good day!



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