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Hello Friends,

I asked all of you in another post what you do for coughing so I wanted to share what the doc gave my father yesterday. Radiation onc recommended benzonatate, and my father was discouraged because it didnt help. Today, his ENT told him to double the dose and it did help a lot. It might be making him a bit tired but he still went shopping today with my mother and did a few things, just went to be a little earlier. So, we'll see what happens but I just thought Id share the info for some of you who might need it.

I was having my own pity party today, Norme, so I know how you are feeling. I started crying at work today and this woman came and prayed with me. Later in the day I heard my father was doing much better with this new drug.

Natalie, Im crying along with you. Youre right, this is one of the only places you can come and everyone really understands.

All of you wonderful people are always in my prayers.

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