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Heather J

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I haven't posted for the last month or so. I've kept up my reading to make sure everyone is managing. I'm so happy to read and post in the "Good News" section since it has been a year of Peaks and Valleys. It had originally seemed more valleys than peaks but I think the peaks may actually win out.

My mother is doing excellent. She will finish her preventative radiation the day before Thanksgiving. It seems like such a wonderful thing to be able to give Thanks for the very next day.

It's been very hectic as I was engaged on November 1st to the Love of my Life for the past 2 1/2 years. My Mother was overjoyed by the news and we plan to be married on our 3rd year anniversary on March 2. Of course in addition to my Father walking me down the aisle my Mother will be on the other side walking me down as well. I can't wait!

It's been a very tough year with the news of my Mother's cancer in May and five days later finding out her brother had lung cancer as well. It's put many things in perspective since loosing an Uncle to cancer and two very close friends to tragic accidents. Life is very precious and I plan to make sure that I become an advocate of living that life to the fullest.

Everyone on these boards are truly an inspiration and what a privelege it's been to have comforting words for the last 6months. I wish everyone a very special Holiday Season and may God Bless every single one of you.

Heather J.

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