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  1. dr. adler is the inventor of ck. he is also my doctor
  2. what a beautiful blessing. born on my wedding anniversary... please hurry with pics... hugs and always prayers karen
  3. Cheryl, Pleae know you are special anD in my prayers and thoughts each day!!! Stay strong and keep believing,I love ya... Gentle Hugs,,, P.S. Have you considered cyberknife for the brain tumors? Check out cyberknifesupport.com Let me know what I can do to help... Karen
  4. Blessings and health to both of your moms'... WM, your children make my heart happy. I love their picture.... Hugs, Karen
  5. Iwould get a 2nd opinion And for tingling, I take vitamin B-6. prayers
  6. My Onc and Radiation therapist gave me liquid Carafate... It worked, also Lidacane for the throat. Prayers and blessings Karen
  7. For all, Cheryl has a LOT of information to share.... Clinical trials, Holistic, Brain just to name a few. The past is the past and is gone, we love her... Cheryl, please don't go away, stay and share it's so important; she is a BLESSING...Thank you for sharing the last few years of your treatments with me. You were truly missed and the incident is not for others...It's a new day!!! Karen
  8. Dar, Didn't see it was SCLC. Yes, PCI,WBR is standard, Sending prayers for your beautiful mom... Hugs, Karen
  9. What I meant was, I am not a doctor and I try and share my experiences with others... All I want is for everyone to get the best and leading edge treatment available. No harm to others, but you also have to be a good advocate. Research is so very, very important. I didn't mean to offend anyone. Each person makes their own decisions, but not without research. Would you buy a new car, house or major purchase without researching it first? Not looking for special treatment or thanks.Ony want others to find as much info. that you can. This is one of the key elements, just don't accept all that doctors tell you, it's still business...but it's you or your loved ones life... Sending prayers and blessings for you andyour family, I love you all, survivor since March 2003 two brain surgeries and cyberknife now @ Stanford getting cyberknife to the spine3mm x 7mm @ C1 top of spine/neck
  10. Why offer help to others, can someone explain????? Sending prayers
  11. Dar, I had CK last Sept. for a huge (one) brain met and it is now dead and gone.. look up Accuray or cyberknife on the net. It provides lots' of information... sending prayers and blessings, Karen
  12. Thanks Connie, We're talking long term... Love ya and sending prayers
  13. karen335

    Go Rest High...

    Missy, Sending condolences and prayers. I am saddened to read this news... God Bless, Karen
  14. Cheryl, Always cared about you and Jack. Sad these things happen, that's why I don't post as much any more, I can't deal with the games and gossip. I am not perfect, but I am sincere. Don't mean anything harmful or hateful to anyone. I have enough to deal with just want to be happy and get well. Cheryl and Jack you are in my prayers every day!!!!I am and still am soooo happy to see you posting and sharing your experiences with others, oh if only they would hear what our experiences have been and what we have endured, we just want to share so that it may help others.. Diagnosed March 2003 TWO brain surgeries and Cyberknife, now spine met and treatment at Stanford (cyberknife).... Love Ya!!! Woman of Faith Karen
  15. Had two open surgeries, SRS for residual after 1st surgery...Had CK in SEPT. 2006, UCLA says tumor in brain is so dead and gone (YEAH!!!) Sending prayers and please keep us posted. Karen
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