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  1. lc46

    Still waiting

    I get it too.... 7 Months for me..... Dream about her almost every night. The phone thing has stopped although when someone calls real late @ night I think it might be her and something is wrong. I miss her every single day and all I want to do is talk to her one more time I still cry when I least expect it. I turned 40 3 months after she died and have 2 kids 10 and 6 and I know my little one will never remember her. They were her world. This is the one place you know you can come to and everyone understands.... Take Care of yourself. Dar
  2. Hi-my Mom went on antidepressants and she said they saved her sanity. My Mom fell into a deep depression when first Dx-also Small Cell Extensive. When my Mom was tired like that it usually had to do with her Red Blood count being very low and she needed transfusions. I'm not on much lately but if you need to PM with any questions-I would be happy to talk to you. Good Luck to your Mom. Dar
  3. lc46

    My mom passed

    I am so sorry.......please if you need to talk just IM me... Dar
  4. Hi Bobby-I haven't been on in a long time either. We just got back from a 2 week vaca in Disney World and although it was the first vaca since my Mom was Dx it just wasn't like it used to be. Today I started getting my decorations out and it hit me so hard that my Mom is not going to be with us for the first time in my 40 years on this earth. I can't stop the tears today no matter how hard I try. I don't get on here anymore because to be honest my heart just can't take it. I feel I am re-living my Moms battle with every story that I read but then I also know everyone on here who has lost someone knows exactly the way I am feeling and when I have days like today it helps to know that you are not alone. Anyhow to answer your question-this is only my first of everything in the past 6 months without my Mom but it hurts more than it did when she first passed. I would do anything to talk to her again just one more time. Take Care Dar
  5. lc46


    I'm still in the disbelief stage but I'm sure like many I will get to where you are now. I don't know what to say-just that many people on here understand. Take Care of Yourself Dar
  6. Hi everyone new and old....I just wanted to stop in and say hello. I have had a pretty hectic past couple months-after my Mom died my Step-Sons Mom died @ 46 years old. She fought breast cancer for 3 years. Then my father in law had another stroke. It just never ends. I feel a little strange posting anymore because I haven't been around and because I don't know any of the new people. Life goes on for the people left behind. I was thinking the other day how much my Mom has missed already in only 4 months that she has been gone. A nice young girl bought my Moms house so I was really happy with that. Anyhow I hope everyone is doing well Take Care Dar
  7. Hi I'm sorry to hear about the mets- my Mom originally had mets on her adrenal but after 1st round treatment they never showed up again. Good luck to your Mom - I'm sure this 2nd line will knock it out!! Dar
  8. Teri-I have not been on for quite some time. I signed on tonight and read your post and my heart sank. My 14 year old Akita had the same symptoms-limping-I thought he pulled a muscle-DX Bone Cancer-Your Sweet Ms Dickens is young still - they could either do chemo-or an amputation if you wanted it. My Akita was to old to do either but I did put him in a clinical trial for pain meds for a few weeks. Keep us posted and let us know what options you are given. Dar
  9. lc46

    Thanks to Many

    Kasey-Congratulations-here's to many many more good years ahead. Dar
  10. Hi Marianne-Congratulations on finishing your PCI- My Moms hair fell out again after WBR and her head hurt and her ears swelled-she also said her tongue hurt...so just keep this in mind if things start to feel strange. Take Care Dar
  11. Dana There were many times I felt the same way you are feeling now - my Mom had dizzy spells etc...and swore it was back in her brain (she had 1 very small met) and it never came back again. Many times she thought this was it and it wasn't. So yes to answer your question-we are human and I think this is one of the hardest things we have to deal with in life, so of course our minds are going to play games on us, we try to be positive, have hope, be their biggest cheerleaders but still in the back of our mind we know first hand from this website alone how horrible the disease is. You just have to remember that there are plenty of people who do beat this disease everyday. Whenever I jumped way ahead of myself during my Moms illness I would reel myself back again, breathe deep, and know that all the worrying in the world wont change anything. All any of us can do is take life one day at a time and enjoy every minute of it. Keep the faith, don't give up and don't be hard on yourself for being human. Take Care Dar
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