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Getting to Know You - April 22 - Earth Day


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What things do you currently do to help improve our fragile environment?

IF you currently don't do anything to help, is there something you have been thinking about doing?

PS....Mother Earth asked me to please say Thank-You for all you do to keep her beautiful!!!

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I recycle everything that I possibly can. I take all of my old paint, pesticides, motor oil, etc. an area at out county disposal that collects these items to make sure they don't go into the landfill. I try and treat my lawn and plants with everything organic. I have just recently purchased canvas bags that I keep in my car so that I never have to use plastic bags at the grocery or other stores. I'm really working at eliminating using the car any more than absolutely necessary in order to save gas and cut down on emissions into the air. I'm also cutting way back on electricity use. I now have my electric bill down to $108-$115 per month (reduction of 50%). I'm also conserving water. And...still wanting to learn more ways to help from you guys!!!

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I recycle everything that I can. I also changed my lights to the floresent bulbs. Turn off lights in any room I am not in. I keep windows open as much as I can instead of using fans. Summer is harder so I have to use the air conditioner but I keep it as high as I can stand and supliment with a fan.

I was always careful with electircity because of the cost. My children never understood why I was so strict about closing cabinets and closets. Every extra square foot that you cool or warm takes power. That is expensive and hurts our environment.

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I forgot one big thing that I am going to start. I am going to start using reusable bags and leave the plastic bags at the grocery and WalMart. Already went to buying gallons of spring water and using a sports cup for my water instead of the small bottles.

California is using a lot of laws to try and help. The plastic bag issue is a big one. Not only is this area of Northern California one of the most beautiful but also one of the greenest. The college in Chico consistantly wins awards. It has been named the greenest college in the United States.

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