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Not so good ones. I had sad dreams last night about my father being sick. It was him saying the doctors said there was no hope. I was an emotional wreck in my dreams...sobbing and sobbing. I would wake up, and when I would get back to sleep I would dream the same thing again. It's been almost two years. I miss my father so much it still hurts like crazy. I know what's triggered it...my father-in-law now being diagnosed with adenocarcinoma, but it's like I'm reliving the nightmare over and over again.

Is it "normal" to have dreams like this? Does anyone else have dreams like these?

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I have had them. And I think it's normal.

Not so much lately, but they come on when I'm particularly sad or when it's an anniversary or important day.

When an old friend of my mom's contacted me (I hadn't seen her since my father died 4 years ago) she had so many questions. We had lunch and I had to go over how my dad was dx., how he was sick, how he died, how my mom had her stroke and died...the whole nine yards....then she was telling me all these memories and "remember when's"......She was crying because she was learning all these things for the first time....

WHen I got home I was drained emotionally. I had dreams like yours for a week and was cranky as all get out for a week more for no specific reason.

My heart just hurt.

I think your heart is just hurting.

I'm so sorry you have to go thru all of this again. The new cancer dx. is bringing up your sad memories and the pain from losing your own dad.

Just know you aren't alone, and maybe this is your souls way of releasing some of the pain you hold in during the day time.


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